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Following a tour, spend some time looking over our class list and curriculum. While in a traditional structure, we are able to foster and develop all types of learning styles. Using a block schedule, our teachers ensure that students have adequate time to master a topic before moving on. Highly motivated students can advance quickly because high school required courses are offered frequently. This can allow students time to focus on college level courses at a dual-credit or AP (Advanced Placement) level.

Lastly, fill out the application located to the right of this article. Spend time discussing what both the student and parent are seeking in an education. A well rounded education features excellence in both classwork and extra-curricular development. At Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls, students are able to develop in a Christian environment that provides independence with a safe, family feeling.  

If you have any additional questions, please email Lutheran High today or call 605-275-2024.  

Choosing where to attend high school is a very important step in the life of a high school student. Many factors help to decide what the best decision is for the both the student and their family. At Lutheran High School of Sioux Falls, we specialize in getting to know prospective students prior to enrollment. Touring the school is often the first step toward becoming a student at Lutheran High.

During the tour, we will discuss the classes we offer and learn about the teachers at Lutheran High. We may even talk with some of them! Ask us about the growing number of extra-curricular and student led organizations or stop by and listen to our jazz band warming up.  

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